Cross Flow Filtration Modules/System

Tangential flow membrane technology spans both microfiltration(MF) and ultrafiltration (UF) separations. Membrane technology for MF separationsinclude retention ratings of0.5 μm, 0.2 μm, 0.1 μm and 0.05 μm.UF technology includes membranes withMWCO ratings of 1,000 kD, 400 kD, 50kD and 10 kD.

The hollow fibers are cast from either Polysulfone (PS), mixed cellulose ester (ME), Polyethersulfone (PES) or Polyvinyl difluoride (PVDF) with fiber diameters of0.5 mm and 1 mm. From these uniformhollow fibers, Ffiltration modules are constructed into severalconfigurations with effective membranesurface areas ranging from 5 cm2 up to 3.3 m2


  • Cell Concentration, Clarification and Diafiltration
  • Lysate Clarification
  • VLP and Virus Concentration and Diafiltration
  • VLP and Virus Clarification
  • Protein Purification, Concentration and Diafiltration
  • NanoParticle and Latex Particle Diafiltration and Fractionation
  • Bacteria Concentration and Diafiltration
  • Liposome, siRNA Concentration and Diafiltration

Bioprocess Bags/Liners

BioProcess Bags & Liners are optimized for specific container applications. Bags provide maximum flex-cracking resistance, strength and durability and are well suited for cell culture applications. Each container product is constructed using NxFlex F1000C1 film, a medical grade multi-layer film specifically designed for high performance bioprocess applications. Bag utilizes both RF and Heat Impulse Sealing depending on the size and type of bag. The bags & Liners are typically have ports on one end and handles on the opposing end. Offers one and three port designs.

BioProcess Bags are used in a variety of applications such as:

  • Buffers and media storage
  • Harvest collection
  • Storage and transport
  • Intermediate process containers
  • Ultrafiltration ,Diafiltration applications
  • Chromatography fraction collection

The film construction of NxFlex F1000C1 consists of several layers of biologically compatible polyethylene combined with a gas impermeable layer of ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH). The fluid contact layer is a blend of EVA and LLDPE. The combination of films and their composition create a structure that is highly resistance to stress cracking, punctures, and pinhole damage.


Totes/Trays For Bags

The ALLpaQ® Cleanroom range is currently available in 250-L, 500-L, and 1,000-L units. As with the Genesis, Custom, and Top drain range, they offer customers a degree of flexibility to ensure that units can be optimized for the bag of choice and therefore eliminate the need for time-consuming bag revalidations and minimizing disruption to operatins


Aseptically Connect : Aseptically Disconnect

OmniTop Sample Tubes® can be aseptically connected to your bioreactor or other device using standard tubing welders, such as the Terumo SCD-IIB. Sample Tubes can also be aseptically sealed and removed (wet or dry) using tubing sealers such as the Genesis SE340 or handheld battery powered version SE640.


  • Transfer of biopharmaceutical products and reagents in a closed system
  • Gas exchange transfer
  • Sampling of biopharmaceutical products and reagents in a closed system
  • Storage of biopharmaceutical products and reagents
  • Use with bench top, pilot plant, and production bioreactors
  • Use with sterile connecting devices and thermal or RF tubing sealers