About Basco Scientifics

Basco Scientifics is one of the leading organizations to provide novel and innovative fluid handling solutions to support the newly emerging LifeScience and Industrial industry. Since that time the industry has embraced Fluid Management Technologies. Now in every industry the manufacturing areas have integrated fluid handling products into their processes.

Basco Scientifics supplies filter housings,filter cartridges,filter pads,bags,Tubing,DFF Skids,TFF systems,Auto Backwashing system..

For many years the company caters to the needs of several industries including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food industries, dyes, perfumes, paints & printing inks, petrochemical & fertilizers, laboratory filters etc. Our goal is to provide products & services that furnish add value to our customers by meeting their requirements and expectations.

Complementary to our standard products, we offer a versatile and flexible filter development and production capability. This unique capability was developed keeping in mind our customers requirements of fulfilling the needs of relatively large volumes and offering highly varied products. This flexible approach makes it possible to develop new products and separation devices to improve filtration processes.

At Basco our mission is to constantly strive to achieve excellence in all our endeavors by establishing systems to create excellent products to fulfill the needs of our customer. To achieve this, we

  • Benchmark our products with competing brands.
  • Develop easy to use innovative products.

We are constantly working on improvements and welcome suggestions from our customers who are ‘The priority’.We will share our experiences to assist you to overcome problems in general filter product usage as well as suggest best solutions for your filtration needs.

We caters Disposable Single Use Technologies like Biocontainer,Capsule filters,Carbon Modules filtration manifolds and pre-assembled sterile bio processing assemblies complete with integrated mixing and electronic sensing capabilities. This technology was adopted because of its robustness and inherent benefits including assurance of sterility, eliminating risk of cross contamination, increased productivity and reducing operating costs.

Basco Scientifics specializes in catering ultra-clean products to Life Science industries. Tubing,Antistatic,Bioclosures,Stopper,manifolds,peristaltic pump tubing,High pressure reinforced hose, and molded products.

We have the experience and know how to directly cross existing products or we can help you design and build affordable custom disposable bio process containers and filtration products designed to meet your specific application requirements and to do it in the most economical way possible. Basco Scientifics was set up to help and share many years of experience, industry contacts and know how and l promise to make my best effort to help save your money whether it be in the laboratory, process development, manufacturing or R&D environment.